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Apparently log retaining walls often were constructed to hold back the hillside. One of my duties, in keeping with my cover as a gringo tourist, was to take an interest in caves.

Full text of “Mantrapping Ragnar Benson Paladin Press”

The Andes Mountain traps were set along narrow trails in areas where the paths crossed a canyon nm or a very steep, very restricted area. The log should weigh at least kilos and be no less than 2. When Mantrrapping make one of these sets, I start out with a relatively light load and implant temporary posts to stop the load close to the set.

Readers who have a copy of my first book, Survival Poaching, will recognize the design immediately. Those unfamiliar with traps will be amazed at how much energy can be contained by these few, relatively small sticks.


Apply the grease sparingly or you may never get the trigger to hold again. Mantrapping by Ragnar Benson. Is the soil rocky or swampy? As with any trap, the 16 trick is to develop an eye for the really good places where traps can be built that blend well into the sur- roundings.

Most Dangerous Game: Advanced Mantrapping Techniques

For that reason, I never philosophized a great deal about the cave portion of the business. They have to give way crisply when the target crosses, yet hold the top cover nicely until then. The nega- tive is that the set-up operations tend to be so dangerous the results are hardly ever worth the risk.

The tactical-defensive possibilities are obvious. When the fire was going strong, 1 threw three old tires on the flames to produce some black greasy smoke.

This may have been illusionary. Do this carefully so that the workings are not obvious. Everyone, friend and foe alike, will long re- member the carnage it produces. If nothing else, the trap setter will probably object to haring logs rolled on his head.

Mangrapping a result, the quarry may walk past the impact area before there is any trap move- ment. A few days later we lit a fire at the end of the trail.

To know how to trap your enemy is to know how to avoid being trapped yourself.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Joshua marked it as to-read Dec 25, But most of the time the quarry will sink deeper and deeper, the nails digging in progressively. Mantrapping by Ragnar BensonPaperback 1 product rating 5.



It should be rcl. Apparently the Sheepeaters were considered to have had limited intelligence and only a rudimentary knowledge of the use of tools. Of course, if a flit is made under these conditions, it will be a good one. Rope running from the stone to mqntrapping main trigger is not strong enough and is too obvious.

Mantrapping by Ragnar Benson

I have had this happen without the enemy ever knowing they were mantrappng my trap. The Hindu who bsnson on a bed of nails can do so because the pointed nails are so close together they support rather than skewer. The very best location, in my opinion, is one where the temporary road or trail leaves the main road for a few dozen meters and then turns sharply back to the main path. Here a rock is set on the very edge of 13 a steep path.