Siemens – Mammomat NovaOutstanding versatility and excellent patient comfort, MAMMOMAT Nova is Siemen’s analog mammography system for. MedWrench Forums for Siemens Mammomat Nova, page 1. MAMMOMAT Nova clinical solutions are multi- purpose, reliable, and full of high-performance features. The system provides excellent return on investment.

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Based on individual breast characteristics, such as density, Opcomp produces uniform tautness and optimal image quality. With Siemens’ proven Mammography technology, the medical community is equipped to successfully address the increasing challenges resulting from today’s disease incidence and changing economic circumstances.

Anyone have the OP for Mammomat by Siemens? Quality patient care requires reliability and accuracy, balanced with nov comfort and cost-effectiveness. Examinations can be performed with equal ease on patients in standing, sitting or recumbent positions. Siemens Mammomat Service Manual. The resulting images are of convincing quality and retakes are reduced to a minimum. The Women’s Health Resource.

Want to make a correction? On the web since Optimized dose for high image quality and lowest possible dose. Compression plates A wide array of compression plates ensures gentle compression optimized for each individual breast. As the breast becomes compressed, the orange line shows increasing image quality and the green line shows increasing patient discomfort. Seek immediate medical attention if your condition is urgent. Advertise Increase Your Brand Awareness.

Used SIEMENS Mammomat Nova Mammo Unit For Sale – DOTmed Listing #

Then when tried to start the system a boom sounds mammommat again the V1-V4 transistors blown. Use of this online service is subject to the disclaimer and the terms and conditions contained herein.


For Npva, facts such as these are not just statistics; they give our work meaning. With Opcomp, the compression is increased as long as the breast is soft and pliable – then it stops. I have error in a Mammomat Nova.

Read about how Siemens has made mammography more comfortable for patients requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Opcomp automatically determines optimal compression for the best mammogram – and stops there white arrowsparing further discomfort.

Please help Thanks, Xavier Altamirano xavieralt hotmail. All other trademarks mammpmat copyrights are property of their respective owners. See a missing Specification?

Siemens and 4Way Medicals Mammomat 3000 Nova Digital Mammography

This site uses cookies. Information found within the Imaginis. Mammographic screening and diagnostic technologies are now available to more women than ever before, enabling physicians to detect suspected cancers at their earliest, most treatable stages. Digital Mammo Unit Models. Forums Documents Parts Videos News. Thanks in advancemy e-mail: It happens during obligue tube positioning and you can not give the exposure!

Siemens Mammomat 3000 Nova Forums

This is especially important in screening programs for younger women, as their breasts normally have higher density, typically requiring higher dose. This is not as simple as it sounds, though, as a very high-quality, high-resolution detector must replace the object table film-holder, where the breast is positionedthe image must be transferred quickly and in full resolution to the monitor, and the detector must be ready within seconds to acquire the next image.

As mammography is used for both screening and diagnostic procedures, it is essential that dose exposure be kept as low as possible. Print Discuss Manmomat Share. Siemens mammomat nova. Excellent access The open design means excellent access, even for patients in a wheelchair.


A radiation shield with control panel allows operating the system from a protected area.

Some day in the not-too-distant future, mammograms will no longer be acquired and shown on film, but rather digitally, on a computer screen, or workstation.

One system for all applications Clear results User-friendly operation. Siemens Mammomat Nova. We think it may have something to do with the grid motors on the small bucky, but we want to be sure.

The large SID of 65 cm allows easy patient positioning and easy mounting of the biopsy unit and magnification table. When women complained about uncomfortable traditional mammography, Siemens listened.

However, breast cancer is still profound worldwide, the leading cancer in women. The blue line on the graph shows decreasing breast thickness as compression is applied.

DOTmed cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here. The ability to nva with a variety of CR readers makes it easy to upgrade to digital.

It happens during obligue tube positioning and you. I need the service manual to installation and calibration of the machine. Pivoting bucky The pivoting bucky table enables quick and easy switching between 18 cm x 24 cm and 24 cm x 30 cm formats. Display in Community Feed.

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