Results 1 – 9 of 9 ARTE Y PRACTICA DEL OCULTISMO by OPHIEL and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Seller: Agapea Libros Urgentes. Terms of Sale: El estado de todos los libros es aceptable excepto que se indique lo contrario. – Se aceptan devoluciones en el caso de que el articulo contenga. Libros de Segunda Mano – Parapsicología y Esoterismo – Otros: Ophiel visualizacion creativa. arte y practica de la. Compra, venta y subastas.

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He is brave and knows how to take risks, has the courage of his convictions, is honestimposing and sharp. Sun in Capricorn Capricorn is a feet-on-the-ground, eye-on-the-prize sign.

In personal relationships, their approach to intimacy is definitely on the detached side, which can be baffling and frustrating to more personal and affectionate personalities.

He might have gone to California Berkley, because he resided in Berkeley during those years. Another distinct “style” is a rather cool and intellectual demeanor.

Pluto represents transformations, mutations and elimination. Thanks for the post. Neptune represents transcendental liberty, non-egoistic liberty. You have a tendency to misrepresent yourself with what you say from time to time, but you’re a charming, if a little kooky, friend.

BJM el arte y práctica de la proyección astral/por Ophiel | eBay

They enjoy intellectual debates and exchanging ideas. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. They place a lot of value in freedom and individuality–theirs and yours. Uranus in VII His independence does not tolerate traditional marriage very well. Many feel their upbringing lacked some warmth. Right now we live in a “golden age” in terms of the “mass” Sphere of Availability.

Bolton in North Dodge, Iowa. We’ve come a long way since those days of gay discrimination. Likes journeys to faraway places, and can go to live abroad.

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He must have made a decent opgiel selling his many books because he did not die a poor ophiek. This, without much help from mom and dad, since we have budgetary constraints; she got gifts and opportunities from aunts and uncles that astounded me, since they have not been giving at all to our other two children.

While you may not pay enough attention to details, you are skilled at finding a quick solution to problems. Proud of siblings and tells countless stories about growing up. To some, Capricorns come across as unimaginative, but they can be enormously creative when it comes to the material world. Their actions in love tend to promise deep commitment and sexual pleasure, even if they are not telling you this directly.

The biggest center in the country being in San Jose, so close to his home.


As children, natives born with a Gemini Ascendant are often labeled as the intellectual, inquisitive, and perhaps odd child. I’m in a mostly Spanish speaking group on FB that is dedicated to Ophiel. Brooding when attention is not forthcoming.

The Law of Binding. House II is the area of material security and values. Let them have their secrets and their silences.

It rules money and personal finances, sense of self-worth and basic values, personal possessions. At home, however, they’re given to big displays of emotional drama.

The Importance of Concentration. His mother was a housekeeper and his father was a cigar maker until he purchased an appliance or stove shop. He is serious and methodical in work.

I’ll bet Tony has a picture of Ophiel. He is amorous and sensual. This is an extension of Brent Caldwell’s post, the letter to Opheil from Dr. Mars in Aquarius It can be a little difficult to understand exactly what makes a Mars in Aquarius native tick. In public, they prefer to take things in dignified ways.

I also took the liberty of creating his birth chart using another online resource I have and I put his birthday at 3 pm in the afternoon on his birth day. Obstinacy and a superiority complex are this position’s least desirable traits; openness to new ways of doing things as long as they’re not forced upon them is where they shine. It is extremely likely that they feel neglected because they perceive it in the first place, and later expect it, to be the case.

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Ophiel would be years old this year. I think part of it, is that here “sphere of availability” includes a very charming, very positive personality and outlook on life.

Jupiter in Pisces He attracts the most good fortune when he is charitable, tender, devoted, compassionate, looks out for the underdog, and is giving. Hi Magnus, I really appreciate the spadework you’re putting into trying to uncover a bit more about Ophiel the man.

They value the beaten track and things “tried and true”. Appreciate their guts when it comes to love and intimacy — they’re proud of their courage in these matters.

He is an opportunist. He can move towards a managerial position, of prestige. Alice found work as a housekeeper and Edward came to live with her shortly thereafter. This is generally because they value all things practical, and they’ll seldom wear their emotions on their sleeves, unless they have a particularly flamboyant Moon sign. This is the standard aspect for children who are abandoned or who lacked maternal love.

Like their Earth signs relatives, Taurus and Virgo, they need to feel useful and effective in the real world in order to be satisfied with their lives.