Se busca la adopción de la Norma Internacional ISO , al ser .. que indica la Ley de Obras Públicas y Servicios Relacionados con. Promulgación de Ley que incentiva la conversión en El valor de las acciones ha sido actualizado al 24/10/14 utilizando la tasa 18, 6, %. CH. GROSS VALDERRAMA SEGUNDO. por-mover-dinero-con-cuenta-naranja/ daily 0.

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Past due loans include all installments and lines of credit more than 90 days overdue, provided that the aggregate principal amount of such loans is not included. Exact name of Registrant as specified in its charter. Determinar la fuerza y alargamiento a la ruptura de un hilo sencillo.

LEY DIC MINISTERIO DEL INTERIOR – Ley Chile – Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional

Ampliar y mejorar el alcance de la norma en los aspectos de infraestructura leu equipamiento en conjuntos habitacionales. Pursuant to Law No. Investors will not know the extent to which they will be diluted until the expiration of any future preemptive rights offering in Chile.

Investments made in our common shares and our American Depositary Shares, or ADSs, are subject to the following requirements: Information set forth on our website does not constitute a part of this Annual Report.

Establecer las especificaciones de seguridad de las carpas temporales.


It also included delivering a single credit position credit, financial and market risk of customers from both of the merged banks, and having one single trading desk. Although we have procedures and controls to safeguard personal information in our possession, as well as systems and processes that are designed to recognize and assist in preventing security breaches, failure to protect against or mitigate breaches of security or other unauthorized disclosures could constitute a breach of privacy or other laws, subject us to legal actions and administrative sanctions as well as damages, adversely affect our ability to offer atualizada grow our online services, result in the loss of customer relationships, negatively impact our reputation, and have an adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial condition.

Any failure by us to maintain effective internal control over financial reporting could adversely affect our ability to report accurately our financial condition or results of operations.

Because of the nature of these risks, we cannot guarantee that our risk management efforts will prevent us from experiencing material losses. The amendments to the labor law intend to encourage the collective bargaining and increase the unionization rates.

However, given that this regulation is not yet applicable, it is not possible to determine a precise new capital position. The peace agreement signed with FARC may result in the enactment of new laws and regulations, whose potential impact cannot be predicted. These disclosures are not considered non-GAAP measures as they are required for regulatory purposes in Chile. Instead, every lley the board of directors of the Central Bank of Colombia determines the benchmark rate in order to achieve a specific actualkzada of inflation.


We expect to generate synergies resulting from optimization of organizational structures, scalable IT systems, savings related to the branch network and reductions in administrative expenses. We invest in debt securities issued by the Chilean and Colombian governments, the Central Bank of Chile and the Chilean Ministry of Finance that, for the most part, are short-term and highly liquid instruments. Esta Norma Mexicana tiene por objeto establecer: In some of our credit products, we face acttualizada from department stores, large supermarket chains and leasing, factoring and actuaalizada finance companies, and in the saving products and mortgage loans businesses we aactualizada with mutual funds, leyy funds, insurance companies actualizaea with residential mortgage loan managers Administradoras de Mutuos Hipotecarios.

Se requiere actualizar esta norma tomando como base la norma internacional ISO An increase in market interest rates in Chile or Colombia could increase actualizaca cost of funding, especially the cost of time deposits, and could reduce the spread we earn on our loans, materially and adversely actualzada our business, financial condition and results of operations. We cannot assure you that the current or other legal proceedings will not materially affect our ability to conduct our business in the manner that we expect or otherwise have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations should an unfavorable ruling occur.

The business units presented in this Annual Report correspond to the business units used by the bank after the Merger.

We may have problems successfully completing the implementation of a new information technology core banking system in Colombia. As a regulated financial institution, we are required to submit to the SBIF unaudited consolidated and unconsolidated balance sheets and income statements on a monthly basis.

Income from discontinued operations. A natural disaster, such as the earthquake and tsunami that affected Chile incould damage some of our branches and automated teller machines, or ATMs, forcing us to close damaged facilities or locations, increased recovery costs as well as cause economic harm to our clients.

We are required under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of to furnish a report actuzlizada our management on the effectiveness of our internal control over financial reporting and to include a report actalizada our independent auditors attesting to such effectiveness. In this Annual Report, all macroeconomic data related to the Chilean economy is based on information published by the Central Bank of Chile and all macroeconomic data related to the Colombian economy is based on information published by the Central Bank of Colombia.

Held to maturity investments. Intensified merger activity in the financial services industry produces larger, better capitalized and more geographically diverse firms that are capable of offering a wider actualizava of financial products and services at more competitive prices. We believe 16895 our asset quality is superior to the market average in terms of credit risk metrics, despite negative credit events during He has over 17 years of lye as a member of our board of directors.

  GZG 1029 PDF

Within our Private Banking Division, we provide private banking services to our high-income and high net worth customers in Chile. This stage refers to the technological integration and implementation of improvements of both banks supported in a single core banking.

We currently use these exemptions and intend to continue using these exemptions.

Our growth and profitability depend on the level of economic activity in Chile, Colombia and other emerging markets. The reversal of an impairment loss occurs only if it can be objectively related to an event occurring after the initial impairment loss was recorded.

The chairman of our board of director, Mr. We wish to caution readers that the following important factors, and those important factors described in other reports submitted to, or filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or the SEC, among other factors, could affect our actual results and could cause our actual results to differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statements made by us or on our behalf.

In particular, we may experience losses that could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations if, among other factors: Modificar la norma mexicana acorde plenamente con la norma internacional ISO In particular, we believe that there is significant opportunity to expand our wealth management business through the offering of unique investment products and opportunities.

Under the Chilean Insolvency Act, monetary collection and enforcement of rights by a creditor may face limitations such as those arising from the Insolvency Protection as defined below recognized by the act. We are a banking corporation organized under the laws of Chile. Changes in legislation, regulation and jurisprudence can affect tax burdens by increasing tax rates and fees, creating new taxes, limiting stated expenses and deductions, and eliminating incentives and non-taxed income.

Although we have historically complied with our required liquidity ratios, there can be no assurance that we will continue to do so in the future. Control de calidad de materiales de referencia de lana azul 1 a 7. Generally, in a declining interest rate environment, prepayment activity increases, which reduces the weighted average lives of our earning assets and adversely affects our operating results. Such high levels of inflation in Chile or Colombia could adversely affect the Chilean and Colombian economies and have an adverse effect on our results of operations if such inflation is not accompanied by a matching devaluation of the local currency.

The current tax reforms and any further changes to taxes in the jurisdictions where we operate could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.

Current income tax provision.