There was a whole lot more of Klute in the original script than what survived in the film. It’s my besetting fault as a writer that I get wound up in my characters and . Klute script at the Internet Movie Script Database. KLUTE It looks like he sent her quite a few of those Holly — the girl — she recalls six or seven letters like. Documents Similar To Klute. HER () Spilke Jonze -Final. Uploaded by. Joshua David · Far From Heaven (). Uploaded by. Justin Deimen · A Single .

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BREE Lover, that’s got to be a little extra. In this brief glimpse a ludicrous and terrifying figure — a noise, a gesticulation actually the gesture is csript out, palms downward, intended as a quieting gesture; and the hissing noise is intended as a shushing. ROSS Examine this letter please.

Klute Script at IMSDb.

ROSS Sounds to me you better shake him again. Meanwhile, perhaps, we see her starting to slip her shoes off, in hopes of running. In it is me and [Robert] Redford and other people discussing the movie. They really liked the cornflake-commercial look, you know.

So that was a one-shot deal. She saw much more of the Dumper than Bree Daniel. Your stock in trade a man’s weakness. What they do is go out and shoot everything, put it together in film school, then they try to make a movie out of it.


I made a mistake. Bree manages as best she can.

BREE You could at least look at me! Is it more just having power over someone? You have to klutee a part of the movie, not in front of the movie.

She pushes up her sleeve, points at tiny spot on her arm – a freckle. He contends with himself, then crosses to her, puts his arms around her, soothes her hair. Scripf relaxed, but a little more separate, thoughtful — a mixture of the Bree we’ve seen before and the Bree we’ve glimpsed, the possible Bree. While writing short stories, Mr.

Andy Lewis, Oscar-nominated for ‘Klute’ screenplay; at 92

In his expression a certain curiosity — a prurience — but rather more strongly, disappointment, a measure of disgust. He taps the pencil on his notes. But he was really surrounded by a lot of people making things extremely difficult for him. He strolls away from her. BREE gumbo-southern Dew yew hayuv ah-dentifikyshun? But he doesn’t head that way directly — first takes a turn in another direction, his bearing casual. I could have just put them both in the room.

One thing led to another and I was able to get into the union in New York. Actually, if I were in a different environment, well, first of all, I never would have done it had I been in my right mind. It was just always there. Cable owned a plot of woodland — he’d go there on weekends.


The Company has an investment, and we feel entitled to investigate for ourselves. What did you think of the movie overall? Ross is looking through a dossier on Cable that Klute has compiled.

They should never be arbitrary, your decisions. He crosses in front of the lighted screen; the letters projected on the screen ripple over his face. They fade from hearing. BREE coldly Well — she’s dead. Arlyn shrieks and races after: TRASK moves into scene, sits on another piling, looks at him speculatively. Then he turns out of the room and down the stairs. There are cracker crumbs in the bed and a cup of coffee and an open jar of peanut butter with the knife sticking out of the jar on the floor by the bed.