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Information furnished by Intersil is believed to be accurate and reliable. In addition, excessive phase unbalance due to gate driver failure will be detected and will shut down the controller. Also, the SOFT pin is the input to the error amplifier and dataheet, therefore, the commanded system voltage.

The ISLC feature a thermal monitor which senses the voltage change across an externally placed negative temperature coefficient NTC thermistor, see Figure Note, we choose to ignore the RO resistors because they do not add significant error. When these inputs are returned to their high operating levels, a soft-start will datasbeet.

ISL Datasheet pdf – Multi-Phase Core Regulator for IMVP-VI Mobile CPUs – Intersil

Figure 40 shows the simplified schematic of this approach. A on NTC pin, the voltage is only VSS Signal ground; Connect to local controller ground. VW pin sources current. Current sensing can be done using either DCR sensing or discrete precision resistor sensing.


Essentially one resistor can replace the RO resistors of each phase and one RS resistor can replace the RS resistors of each phase. This Kelvin sense technique provides for extremely tight load line regulation. Dimensions in for Reference Only. The 3V3 pin allows for a system 3.

If the output voltage transient has an initial dip, lower than the voltage required by the load line, and is slowly increasing back to the steady state, the cap should be increased and vice versa. The required resistance can be calculated by: The low-side FETs will remain on until the output voltage is pulled down below 0.

The selection of Cn may require a slight adjustment to correct for layout inconsistencies and component tolerance.


At steady state, a high level logic signal on this pin indicates that the micro-processor is in Deeper Sleep Mode. Once we know the attenuation of the RS and RN network, we can then determine the Droop amplifier Gain required to achieve datashet load line. A typical start-up timing is shown in Figure Connect to microprocessor die.


For information regarding Intersil Corporation and its products, see www. Undervoltage protection is independent of the overcurrent limit. The reduction in ripple results. This protection was referred to as way-overcurrent or fast over current, for short-circuit protections. When the temperature goes down, daatasheet NTC thermistor voltage will eventually go up.

Multiphase Core Regulator For IMVP-6 Mobile CPUs

A with a minimum of ? The output voltage could also take a long period of time to settle to its final value.

The modulator at the heart of this power system is derived from Intersil’s Robust Ripple Regulator technology, R 3 Compared with the traditional multiphase buck regulator, the R 3 technology multiphase converter has faster transient response. Depending on the state of the system, i.

Assuming we desire an overcurrent trip level, Ioc, of 55A, and knowing from the Intel Specification that the load line slope, Rdroop is 0. This voltage is given by Equation Connect to ground at microprocessor die.