A ‘Scrying’ mirror in which to witness the face of Lucifer, the Denizen of Chaos. This black mirror must ideally be made from pure Obsidian. Une goutte sauverait mon âme A drop would save my soul Je veux l’invoquer. Maintenant, ô mon corps, change-toi en air, du Lucifer va l’emporter dans les. Elle est la meilleure amie de Lucifer et travaillait autrefois à ses côtés à la Télékinésie: Mazikeen a pu invoquer son couteau d’un mur dans sa main afin de .

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But you should work on your astral senses.

inviquer Invoking is to call the demon inside of you not just in your thoughts. Thoughts, symbolism, sometimes dreams, ideas. That is the king answering you. Before that, visualize on the ground a violet triangle inside of a circle. Ask the questions, and, this is most important, write down your answers.

However, I suggest you to work on your astral senses first. You can use his lucufer and or his enn. When the sigil starts flashing, which means fading in and out in your vision or seeming to hover in 3D, it is open, so greet the great King and thank him for coming. Evoking is calling a spirit before you, and invoking is calling a spirit inside you.


After that, use his sigil or just close your eyes and chants his enn, or even just think of his name again and again like calling him to come. Were you invoking or were you evoking King Paimon? In the course, EA recommends choosing 5 spirits to invosuer this with for practice.

You can chant the enn as you open the sigl if you like. Just a few thoughts. Then you need to relax your body and mind.

I will also say it does sound like you approached the rite with an appropriate amount of respect to Him, so that is good. Write down 5 questions you want to ask the spirit, in this case, King Paimon.

Shin Megami Tensei : Lucifer’s Call

Try opening his sigil next time: Just write down what you hear in your head. Follow the instructions in the link I provided to do so. Just go to a quiet place and choose a stance.

Tell me 1 thing i wasnt to establish connection with King Paimon and using chanting enn in mind is unlikely consent …can u guide me to evocation of King paimon or should i try another spirit for evocation….

This is a big one for me when trying to make the connection with any spirit. King Paimon is a beginner friendly spirit so I suggest you to try again. You were attempting an evocation.

What did you do in terms of immersion? Pendulums are nice too. They are not the same thing so I am wondering which it is.


King paimon invocation – New Magician Help & Introductions – Become A Living God

When you have asked your questions and have written down the answers, thank the king, and give him license to depart. King Paimon is patient with beginners so you have nothing to fear from him. From the sounds of it, you were trying to evoke him but I just wanted to be lucifeg you got your terminology right. I like the choice of dates as an offering.

DarkestKnight You mean should i try evocation? Put your answers away for a day or two. No, you were not invoking. Tell him you called him to ask some questions.

A full auditory experience, even in your head, is rare until you start exercising those third eye muscles. Meditation is a good and easy no tools and stuff way to improve your astral sense. Calling out to King Paimon in your mind does not constitute an invocation; it simply establishes a connection. Are you meditating and practicing visualization exercises, building to full optics and sound?

That helps, and can be a part of your immersion before another working. However my advice for an easier hearing is this: