As the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOP) says Again, sharing from the International House of Prayer’s fasting guidelines (below). Physically. Prayer and Fasting. Apostolic Prayers · Devotional Prayer · Fasting Guidelines for the Prophetic Ministry. Date:October 16, Author:Mike Bickle. Fasting is to voluntarily abstain from eating/drinking for an extended period of time. “Eating” and “drinking” can Fasting Guidelines: • Explain to your family in .

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This may be easier to do than you think and harder to spot! If you do not take a laxative or an enema, gjidelines toxins can hurt your intestines or reabsorb into your bloodstream, making you feel nauseous.

Here is a free chapter on fasting from the Spiritual Disciplines Handbook that may also give you some good insights.

Prayer & Fasting Resources

We care about the church. Those with a known or suspected physical disability or illness, or those with any fxsting of an eating disorder, should never fast, except in consultation with, and under the supervision of, a qualified doctor. He must become greater; I must become less.

Take a prayer walk or read your Bible during lunch—whatever keeps your mind on God and off food. Tell us what you think.

The level at which a person engages in fasting particularly food should be giidelines according to age and with regard to any physical limitations. The following is a general overview of biblical precedent and guidelines for wise fasting to help and encourage you. The Bible does not speak of children engaging in fasting food.


ihop Kansas City Archives – ANDREW COMISKEY

This fsating a big one. A note on breaking your fast: The idea behind such a fast is that we, Jesus followers and friends, abstain out of longing for Him. Though spiritual leaders may invite others to join in corporate fasting with a specific goal in mind and for a specific time, fasting can never be forced or made compulsory.

The good news is God sees the reach in our hearts. These tips have been found to be helpful and successful, but they are no guarantee that you will fast without experiencing any difficulties.

This should be done early during the fast and then intermittently throughout the rest of the fast. Tell us what you think.

Tips for Fasting

Sometimes intercession, evangelism, and prophetic words flow more easily during guideliens fast guidellnes our spirits are more alert and our flesh is weakened. Next week Ihoo will share some practical guidelines to help you prepare and consider different ways to fast.

Since one-third of the waste products eliminated during a fast are removed via the skin, adequate bathing is essential. Healthy eating habits are especially important if you want to fast more than one day per week or do longer fasts. God is our reward for fasting, not the praise of men. Minors who desire to fast are encouraged to consider non-food abstentions, such as TV, movies, Internet surfing, video games, and other entertainment. Fasting is a divine exchange, where we give up the pleasures of food for the superior pleasures of knowing and loving God more.

God knows our motives, and we will be held accountable to Him Matthew Pray, and ask God what He will give you faith for in terms of the duration of the fast. The maximum length of an adult rasting that is biblically supported is forty days without food for a male adult in good health, and three days without water. We care about the world. Drinking fruit juices, vegetable juices, broth, or just plenty of water will remove many toxins via the kidneys.


If possible, fast with a friend, so you can study and pray together and encourage one another. Eat smaller meals a few days prior to the fast. The information in this handout reflects only the limited opinions, experience, and suggestions of IHOPKC and is not meant to substitute the advice provided by your doctor or other healthcare professional.

Fasting Guidelines and Information – About IHOPKC

Make your commitment and determine fastinb length. This is another reason to fast weekly: Pruning is meant to plunge us deeper into God so we can depend on Him and bear fruit in prayer.

For God can give us grace and comfort and nurture we cannot get on our own. Fasting does make us look different—we eat less and spend more time in prayer, worship, and study—but we are strengthening our inner man, our spirit, while weakening our flesh 2 Corinthians 4: