Note: You cannot delete an entity if the selected object is part of a construction history. If you press Delete, the entire object is canceled. If the object is not a part . Navigation: HyperWorks Release Notes > Finite Element Meshing and Modeling >. HyperMesh Release Notes. Previous page Next page Print this . HyperWorks includes a new tool, ANSYS Contact Manager, which provides an option to automatically create surface-to-surface contacts. Several changes.

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New optimization browser view. Adhesive support to connector property scripts.

A typical example is a powertrain application, however the tool is designed to be a generic aid for tetmeshing. The new generate solid mesh option is yypermesh for both the Loose and Tight shrink wrap algorithms — the output is an all hexa mesh model.

After solid selection, the solid map panel takes you into the interactive mode where you can control the mesh density, element type, and mesh method before creating the solid mesh. Element types, components, materials, property used, and pilot node name [if used] are listed for each pair.

Adhesive support to connector property scripts has been added for: In addition to components, elements, nodes, and tags, assemblies are now supported as link entities for connector realizations. The introduction of the optimization model browser view allows you to setup multiple optimization problem definitions within a single HyperMesh session.

There is an additional parameter called minimum jacobian; this option essentially controls the proximity of the solid mesh to the original features while ensuring the solid mesh meets the pre-defined element quality. Solid bolt hole support. Within the latest version there are also updates to the surface projection and tolerance algorithms. Shrink wrap meshing now includes an option to enable solid mesh generation. For multi-core machines, the performance gains are considerable now that the penetration check utilizes all available CPUs.


The tight algorithm has been improved to capture more features without the need to manually define features. ANSYS solver does not support any formula for sets.

Available Product Updates

Graphics selection, pre-highlighting, and highlighting for the 3D graphical representations behave as their 1D counterpart representations. Numerous API requests and enhancements have been included; review Fix 2nd Order Midnodes utility has been updated with options to allow movement of the internal middle nodes and an option to move boundary nodes along geometry first or move off geometry, if required.

The ability to apply translate, position, and reflect shapes to selected nodes has been added. New API commands have been added to calculate the physical properties of solid geometry volume, center of gravity, moments of inertia, mass. Altair HyperMesh is a high-performance finite element pre-processor that provides a highly interactive and visual environment to analyze product design performance.

Picking of morphing entities in hidden line graphics has been greatly improved. Unoffsetable nodes for regular tetra meshing with quad transitions can be handled. Multithreading for penetration and intersection check has been added. The performance for ShrinkWrap has also improved.

Automesh using free lines. The parameters in the. Morph volumes can be created by dragging along a line, vector, or about an axis. Finding entities and their related properties via graphic selection is very quick and efficient allowing for further editing and querying control of entities. Connectors can be rotated while morphing via spin, tilt, and full rotation. Significant time reductions can be achieved when using the tool to tetmesh CAD data. Focusing on engineering productivity, HyperMesh is the user-preferred environment for all CAE modeling tasks ranging from geometry clean-up to high-quality automeshing and analysis set-up.

Improved feature capture – preserve rounded bead midline. Handles on morph volumes may be moved along, and extended beyond morph volume edges.

HyperWorks Product Updates

Mapping and constraining domains, nodes, and morph volume edges hypermmesh analytic surfaces described by algebraic equations can now be performed see map to geom and morph constraints panels.


While interactively morphing on a plane, the plane can be inferred using the selected handles. As a result, the robustness, performance, and quality of meshed output has significantly improved when comparing the same feature in previous releases of HyperMesh. Block format is the latest of the two.

The robustness of the algorithm has been improved; more use hjpermesh are now supported.

NX and NX2 readers have been removed. New and improved Model Browser. With the broadest hyperkesh of direct interfaces to commercial CAD and CAE systems, HyperMesh provides a proven, consistent analysis platform for the entire enterprise. The performance of solid geometry import for the CAD readers that import solid entities has been improved.

You can swap contacts and targets, and add and delete elements in a contact pair. In the Model Browserthe interactive entity control capability between the browser list and the graphics area now supports all HyperMesh entities. OSSmooth multi-layer auto-bead generation. New panels and functionality. This is the default behavior. Multiple optimization setups can be saved to the.

Easier loading of property script for custom weld types. The main bulk of tetmesh model build time is usually spent in cleaning and organizing geometry. As a result of the updates to the isosurface generation, OSSmooth performance has improved. Previously, point load applied on nodes rotated to local systems was not properly handled. Connectors can be morphed by type, for example, bolts and welds as clusters where as, seams as stretchable.

Generic shape for model type constraints such as length, volume, angle, and radius can be automatically generated.