Howdens kitchen query In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. I have the Feb Howdens Trade Price List right here in front of me. Reviews from HOWDENS JOINERY CO employees about HOWDENS JOINERY you are not allowed to discuss prices with them and trust in the sales game is key. Kitchen designer (Former Employee) – Wimbledon – 21 December 12/03/ in Latest Fleet News In taking the decision to use the Microlise solution, Howdens trialled the fleet performance module. and task management, with the objective of reducing call costs and making the exchange of information.

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You do however work for these. We requested a breakdown of the units and appliances and they refused as I wanted to see if I 20122 get a better on the appliances elsewhere.

HOWDENS JOINERY CO Employee Reviews for Kitchen Designer

I have accounts with Howdens and Benchmarx. Howdens is nothing special. Not all fitters will rip you off but finding one isn’t easy and to be honest, if you thought you could skim a few extra grand wouldn’t you inflate the price a bit?! Don’t get me wrong, if we don’t perform well- we know about it!!! Productive and fun workplace. Howdens tend to have grades of appliance from cheap to a really good one, when I worked 5 years ago ish there I used to be honest and told people this Posted 6 years ago.


Too lateMay 3, Share This Page Tweet.

I do love seeing my designs in situ and hearing that the customer is happy with this. All credit and commission goes to management.

May 3, at 4: The business model appears designed to allow the kitchen fitter to charge whatever he feels like at the time.

Like everything, on paper it’s simple or if someone else is doing it, it’s even easier. Really have had the best 5 liist From a quality perspective I cannot complain, very decent.

Everything gets covered up if its in their interests to do so. Discussion in ‘ General Chat ‘ started by NaaktgeborenMay 3, It has proven to be a very poor choice. Unfortunately there is not much you can do if you have your heart set on a Howdens kitchen they are rather nice other than try to source units off EBay lsit thats not easy and frought with potential problems and get an independent pist. May 3, at 3: Very good place to work at but management are very clicky. The Howdens stuff is decent quality.

He refused to tell us so we refused to buy and went elsewhere.

Dec 18, Messages: Cookies help us deliver our services. RobMay 3, I had a Kitchen from Howdens — nearly had a heart attack when I saw the price, then she smiled and applied the discount: Instead of the crappy vinyl wrapped doors you get these days, these ones are acrylic.

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Overall a very good place to work which encourages and rewards productivity and enthusiasm.

This is just a snippet of how corrupt this company is. JohnMay 3, They have the catalogues in the showrooms with the retail prices in for all the units and bits, if you can get one you could work out what retail would be for an equivalent kitchen and then assume a range of discounts.

Still need to get a fitter at a decent price but worth considering. To be fair, all kitchen sellers, Wren etc mark up their prices by vast amounts.

Howdens Kitchens – hom much is trade? – Singletrack Magazine

So went with Howdens and glad we did. Howdens joinery cad designer is constantly challenging job taking on different tasks everyday a great balance of working within a team office based environment and selling on your own to customers in house. The grass is greener. Ruperts slippersMay 3, Agree x 1 List.

Go to magnet trade, quality is just as good and as they compete against Howden the range is nearly identical. I priced up a kitchen last month for a customer, Ikea was slightly cheaper than Howdens, but, Ikea cabinets are rubbish.