Close-up Card Magic has 34 ratings and 1 review: Published by Louis Tannen, pages, Hardcover. Close-Up Card Magic [Harry Lorayne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Close-up card magic [Harry Lorayne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A collection of playing card magic routines by Harry Lorayne.

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The original do as I do is superior as the same effect is created with no moves at all. Tel Fax Job Opportunities Shipping Policies Click hardy above to send a blank email to receive dealer info. Based on this, and having skimmed the book, I am definitely not going to buy it.

This isn’t particularly earth shattering, but as sandwich tricks go it’s ok. Related to Brownwaves I Alex Elmsley Learn some of the greatest card tricks ever, straight from the legend himself Loraynd learn card tricks?

A good if rather obvious application of the Curry change. It would be interesting to hear what peoples idea of why they deem a book to be great or not. I agree with your complaint.

This is an example why a review from a more enthusiastic reviewer might be more maagic to some. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I have a good story explaining all the dealing and I do the shuffling myself to save time. An interesting plot cloaked in a subtle and direct method which never fails to deceive.


The overall effect is that of Vernon’s “out of sight out of mind” no mentionhowever it doesn’t always work so I’d prefer to use the Vernon method.


This falls under “showing how clever you are” Card Sandwich – A sandwich trick where a selection appear to lorane only to appear face down in the centre between two queens. The idea the effect is based on to make the assembly more logical is flawed as it is just as illogical to put 3 on one ace 2 on another 1 on the next and none on the last.

You are also left to believe that all the uncredited material is original with Harry Lorayne which it is most certainly not.

It must not be confusing to those who watch. Guinn My Lybrary Page. Alpen Nacar In the introduction, Dai Vernon purports to have read the book.

The envelope in this case is gilding the lily just a bit and is not really needed. This isn’t an effect it’s a control of four cards but it’s written up as if it’s an effect by itself. You apparently mzgic like “you pick a card and I find it effects” because there seems to be no point to it. I had already been doing various sets with two other guys so I lorane done enough entertaining for the evening.


For a better version using a similar idea see Alex Elmsley’s nd aces in which no cards are placed on the aces and the assembly happens in a spectator’s hand.

Close-up Card Magic

The photo is of my grandson who loves magic! The inseparable four – I get the feeling Harry Lorayne thinks the act of shuffling a deck is in and of itself entertainment enough for most spectators. Unfortunately, it would involve digging deep into magical history to find out who belongs to which move, and oorayne originated what.

Four in hand – What’s the point in getting the aces to the top only immediately cut them back to the bottom again?? You mabic, “Out of this universe – In this version of Out of this world in which almost unbelievably no mention is made of Paul Curry It has a surprising denouement sic.

Bryan rated it it was amazing Jul 22, Then you have to get this book. Variations Tri-Multaneous Sam Schwartz ,