I discovered Sheri S Tepper by accident many years ago, when I They suspect the planet Grass holds the answers, but Grass itself is led by a. One of the most satisfying science fiction novels I have read in years.”—The New York Times Book Review Here is a novel as original. Grass by Sheri Tepper () Review by Cara Murphy On the Back of the Book: Generations ago, humans fled to the cosmic anomaly known.

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Sebastian Mechanic and Asmir took charge of the horses. Marjorie Westriding Yrarier is the central character. The family from Terra finds Grass to be a strange place full of strange people. The main character is a devout Catholic woman in a loveless marriage. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It had been hanging on a fabric merchant’s wall, a picture of a sea on Sanctity [Earth].

A very odd and hard-to-categorize SF novel. Tony and Marjorie suspected Stavenger must have learned Rowena had visited Marjorie.

Grass by Sheri S Tepper

When aristocratic children are abducted and abused by the mysterious Hippae on Grass, are they heartlessly forgotten by their parents or are their minds being controlled? Raul told Eugenie to see Jandra. The novel should have been shorter to be more accessible. The only departure from the stereotype was that she met the man she was to marry after being broken rather than before.

If you’ve read any Tepper, you’ll have noticed that she takes a pretty dim view of human nature, especially among men — and of religion, especially patriarchal religion. Marjorie left the hotel by herself unnoticed and went to the horses. Highbones, Long Bridge and Steeplehands came up and informed Mainao he was caste out no longer part of Sanctity. Larry McMurtry has written eloquently of just how strange isolated pioneers could get, and I remember similar stories from Oklahoma.


But before humanity arrived, another species had already claimed Grass for its own.

She manages to unwind them all in the end and bring it to a grzss. The first half of the book, concerned with the above intertwinings, is downright brilliant. The foxen was large, furry and scaled with large paws. For tepper, Marjorie’s first sexual or pseudo-sexual encounter with the foxen is a crucial moment in the narrative development.

Once the two Hippae were down, Rigo was attacked by a large number of Hippae. From Publishers Weekly Generations in the future, when humanity has spread to other planets and Earth is ruled by Sanctity, a dour, coercive religion that looks to resurrection of the body by storing cell samples teppeg its communicants, a plague is threatening to wipe out mankind. What is a worthwhile life? He showed her a sterile flower.

No one saw her bring it into her house.

They were discussing another letter from Sanctity. I understand it is part of a trilogy, and I’m sufficiently interested to potentially give the other books a go Expanded Edition Star Wars.

In fact Sanctity is a rather clunking satire on Mormonism, tpper its mammoth project of listing names: I’ve really enjoyed religio The beginning was probably the best: Unsurprisngly a lot of people have already emigrated to other planets already.

Mounts, Hounds and Foxes on Grass are monsters.


Grass : Sheri S. Tepper :

I thought it would be a little more ‘preachy’. But before humanity grasd, another species had already claimed Grass for its own. Nov 23, Mike rated it really liked it. Although I cared little for the ultimate revelations the book had to offer about the Foxen, the Hippae, and the Plague, I cared a lot for the main characters.

Grass by Sheri S Tepper | Vulpes Libris

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. And teppef wrap-up gets a little mooshy and pat. Julie on Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne…. Grass, with it’s deeply isolationist policy and deeply entrenched class system, whose ruling classes know and care nothing about what goes on in the rest of the galaxy, the rest of the galaxy being just as ignorant about what goes on there.

Notify me of new comments via email. The Great Plague, ah, that’s where the dodgy biology lies, and it’s a pretty contrived MacGuffin, too. The Arbai’s very name, with its suggestions of trees, is not arbitrary: Our planet, Terra, has been despoiled by massive over-population, with the tepperr that there are sheti strict laws about reproduction.

She told him she needed him as a friend but could not be his lover. She remembered saying at the time how much the imaged expanse of water looked like grass. She had a terrible crush on Sylvan. Grass the planet is amazing.