LOUIS BRAWLEY didn’t want me to call this week’s entry a “teaching”. extraordinary memoir of his days with U.G. Krishnamurti, Goner: The. Louis Brawley met UG Krishnamurti in and spent the following five years travelling with him in the USA, India and Europe keeping a. We are excited to welcome artist Louis Brawley to Scripps campus for of 89 and Louis spent the next three years writing a book called Goner.

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Anyway,in general, I am against of taking medication for suffering, sorrow, frustration or whatever. Luckily for us, Louis Brawley was there. And out of me poured a rage that was entirely physical, visible, tangible, directed.

I really do not know how you would be missing U G. She offered to help him stay on in Europe and literally turned her entire life and assets over to him. For UG words were secondary, he said so himself, and he lived like that. A never ending story. They were simply recognized.

I regret more than anything else not having understood the gist of what he saying until after he passed away otherwise i would have turned heaven and earth to be in front of him. Thank you for this blog.

Unfortunately I have to work, but am lucky enough to have a skill that allows me to make money. As on date I do not have the guts to kick it and walk out like a vagabond, but I wish…. Are you on drugs?

Also it would be nice if you provide some rough idea about the book. Maybe u are rich thanks your french wealthy parents and you have no problems about money. That we wanted a free ride to nirvana…bla bla bla. I think UG gave me the biggest gift by simply showing me that by writing I can show my appreciation of the humor and struggle we are all in whether we like it or not.



At this point you cannot survive without it. You are the Man You definitely kick some major Ass and You rock! People laying their personality in the hands of and making themselves depend on someone else. It sounds like a boundary dysfunction. In another conversation he used tell shoot all the doctors and 40 of them died who came to test me.

It seemed so sterile, good word. I have to post this, it says so much between the lines. Anyways I do not know whether I know him or not… and it finishes there. The bankers at Credit Suisse repeatedly tried to get him to put it in his name but he never did.

Mark Backus is currently reading it Aug 23, G has a brilliant smile and great healthy set of teeth and I wondered.

Goner: The Final Travels of UG Krishnamurti

An interesting sociological phenomenon. Just the wasteland of my answerless life.

He never gave people pats on or assurances which is so amazing because he knew it was bullshit. I read it in one go mostly except for lunch and dinner and bathroom breaks. Please beleve what he has to say about Yoga … if you analyse what he says it will leave you confused his life says it all. Did you had a chance to look at the video? I was curious to know who others stayed with him for such long periods and what their reactions were?


He is off again to Europe and India to collect more interviews and footage. He was so approachable.

I can agree U. Ok I suppose there is an answer in the book. These dark spots do carry the impression that the bleakness will remain forever. Take a gun and shoot yourself!!!!! Have you experienced any of these kinds of things since he died? She died in or thereabouts and had no children. There are times when i think i am beginning to get the implications of what he is saying, and then it swings the other way — he really was a funny guy but i am sure that he had no intention of being so.

There is so much there. I wonder you described Yogini as married on p. I never tire of listening to that sound, that barking of the dog.

Goner: The Final Travels of UG Krishnamurti by Louis Brawley

The thought that he explains about suffering is so brutal and yet so full of truth,it took a new meaning explained by you. It hit me, too, like a ton of bricks and I realized what he was saying was true although one truly does feel brawleyy the very life is being shaken out of them.

World Mind must be having a glitch today. He was also remarkable for being such a remarkably pure soul and as time goes on I appreciate the subtleties of his way of giving information without messing with people. I gonsr not want it to end.