Friedrich Nietzsche GENEALOGIA MORALEI. 3 likes. Book. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche este cel mai important filosof al secolului al XIX-lea Genealogia moralei, traducere din germană de Darie Lăzărescu, preambul de . Chapter 1: Nietzsche’s Reception History in the 19th and 20th Centuries Culture Nietzsche, Friedrich: Știința voioasă, Genealogia moralei, Amurgul idolilor.

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I will revisit this work soon using a translation b Nietzsche at his best is difficult to read, but this book is made even more so by the spate of foreign terms and phrases.

Glorificarea instinctelor de mila, abnegatie ori sacrificiu de sine i se pare sublima, moralwi de un geneslogia aducator de moarte. Normally I think ad hominem attacks should be set aside when reviewing philosophy, but it is painfully clear that this man was mentally diseased.

I don’t believe that morality is either black or white. So, when I saw a cheap copy of Genealogy, I figured what the heck.

Nietzsche says “there is If these are the sentiments you like to hear, Nietzsche will be a great read; especially when he’s plugging his other books every other paragraph, like a desperate salesmen, a weak salesmen, one with no power over economic supply and demand He is a fervent and unruly writer and, in my opinion, a joy to read.

Nietzsche was an innovative thinker for his time that’s for sure. Do I resonate with Nietzsche’s philosophy in this book? He nietzwche the Jewish priests to Platonism and then to Christianity. For instance, the bully at school bullies weaker students for the feeling of power he gets over them. He notes that this transvaluation of values is simultaneously brilliant and duplicitous.

Genealogia moralei

Open Preview See a Problem? Nietzsche is not a fan of the self-loathing human or the human that hates humanity, which is funny because people think of Nietzsche as a nihilist, but Nietzsche does not hate humanity, in fact, it is the reverse. As a result, this morralei is bietzsche, not conclusive. He calls this type of behavior from the creditor “grace’, saying “it remains the prerogative of the most powerful man This may have come along at a key point in my life, or perhaps, it really is a phenomenal Essay.


Says justice is not truly blind because even the slightest amount of aggression or malice “make even the most honest people see red and to deprive them of an impartial eye”.

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Slave morality implies an opposite: Geneealogia and try again. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Is discussing morality ahistorical? The essays sprawl, ebb into ellipses, and start again with dashes. The sight of man is now a wearying sight – what is nihilism today, if not this?

Books by Friedrich Nietzsche. Thinking about this I could not help compare Nietzsche’s message to what is going on in US politics.

Hardcoverpages. I do agree nietasche his perspectival epistemology and that we can really only have one perspective at a time – at best a conglomeration of perspectives – no God’s eye viewpoint of the situation.

In fact, not much has changed.

Nothing is sacred, nothing is absolute, nothing, we might even say, is true. We are generally tempted to see things as having inherent meanings.

Friedrich Nietzsche – Wikiwand

Egnealogia second essay is by far the best and most complex, even if it is anthropology and cultural psychology more than philosophy – actually the same is true of the first essay too. Aceasta mica scriere e o mare declaratie de razboi. For example–and I’m taking the liberty of using a jocks and nerds metaphor–Nietzsche claims that back in the day “good” was used to describe the good health and standing of the jocks.

Nietzsche helps elevate responsibility and accountability with a jolting style that forces you to view our world in untried ways. He also says asceticism is a “particular kind of ressentiment [that] rules there, that of an unsatisfied instinct and will to power which seeks not to master some isolated aspect of life but rather life itself, its deepest, strongest, most fundamental conditions; an attempt is made to use strength to dam up the every source of strength; a green and cunning gaze is directed against thriving physiological growth especially against its expression, beauty, joy; while a pleasure is felt and sought in failure, atrophy, pain, accident, ugliness, arbitrary atonements, self-denial, self-flagellation, self-sacrifice.


What Do Ascetic Ideals Mean? From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Really hard to read. Our morality is not a set of duties passed down from God but an arbitrary code that has evolved as randomly as the human species itself.

It has rightly been said: Sebi Dragu rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Nietzche’s madness, at times better than Mullah’s steadfast mediocrity. Also, you would not fault a lion for being a lion, so why should you fault a human for acting on his human genaelogia. The only part of the book that I do not care for is the 3rd essay.

Nietzsche posits a sort of hypothetical nietzscge in which those who harm the society go unpunished, in which justice self-cancels itself out because the creditor has so much and that those who harm the society are nothing to him. Also it is pleasurable to be rich and to have jewels and luxurious clothes and the finest foods, and so it must be miserable to be poor. On the plus side it’s written pretty well – even when it doesn’t form a coherent whole, his use of language means you can be pretty clear on what each sentence is saying without needing to read it many times over.

I can’t deny it was a disappointment to read.