Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for the Soul [Francis Crick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Traditionally, the human soul is. Review of The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search For The Soul by. Francis Crick. Bill Webster. Department of Psychology. Monash. The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for the Soul. Francis Crick, Author Scribner Book Company $25 (p) ISBN

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The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for the Soul

Paperbackpages. Overall, the message Crick repeats as the main purpose astpnishing writing the Astonishing Hypothesis is to break the scientific community’s reluctance to give consciousness a thorough and scientifically-grounded investigation, and to encourage others such as philosophers to address the issues of consciousness in a way that takes account of neuroscientific discoveries. Most of the religious beliefs we have today originated in a time when the earth, while a small place by our standards, was then thought of as being very large, even though its exact extent was unknown.

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I think there are three main reasons. However, Crick does dance around the target with his many various guesses about how the brain works, but doesn’t know it, and so never lands an arrow on the target at all The later chapters of the book try to synthesize many of the points made earlier about the visual system into a unified framework, although Crick frequently notes the many exceptions to his assumptions and the clumsiness of many of his attempts at synthesis.

Indeed, without a detailed knowledge of the nature of matter and radiation, and of biological evolution, such myths appear only too plausible. The most astonishing thing about “Astonishing Hypothesis” for me was to see how advanced neuroscience had been in the 90s. If it really is a mistake to view animal rights as equal to ours, at least state why.

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A sigh of relief. If you want to learn about the visual system, I guess you could give this book a try, it explains it well, but if you’re interested in consciousness, I wouldn’t recommend making this a priority read.

The first is hypthesis many people are reluctant to accept what is often called the “reductionist approach” — that a complex system can be explained by the behavior of its parts and their interactions with each other. This book ignites thoughts and numerous questions. Crick was an important theoretical molecular biologist and played an important role in research related hypotjesis revealing the genetic code.

This is much like the workings of a modern democracy where competing groups lobbies vie for control of power. It evidently yields most easily to “experimental attack” and is only the start i. In short, I give it 3 stars because I think it could have been written in a much more concrete, interesting and concise manner, instead of wasting so many pages on explaining the visual system.

Each atom consists of a heavy atomic nucleus, carrying a positive charge, surrounded by an organized cloud of light, negatively charged nimble electrons. I prefer to confront such difficulties, if indeed they exist, when we come to them.

Indeed, I think most people believe that making decisions and plans, and allowing human beings to rise above the influence of their immediate current environment, is exactly what consciousness is for.

The author discusses visual cortical neurons in some detail. Of his mentor, Koch had the following to say: It will help you to understand my thesis: I began to pursue the realm of “What is consciousness”, which lead me into neuroscience. They usually take the form of a rather formal definition, followed by an argument that reductionism of this type cannot be true.


Astonishing Hypothesis | Book by Francis Crick | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The brain is so complicated, and each brain is so individual, that we may never be able to obtain second-to-second detailed knowledge of how a particular brain works but we may hope at least to understand the general principles of how complex sensations and behaviors arise in the brain from the interactions of its many parts.

It was difficult for me because I was waiting for the parts about consciousness and awareness, but Crick filled pages and pages with tedious details about the visual system. Oct 21, Sam Vesuna rated it it was amazing. Surely if almost everyone believed it, this is, in itself, prima facie evidence for hypothessis.

Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for the Soul by Francis Crick

I didn’t expect to. To ask other readers questions about Astonishing Hypothesisplease sign up.

The problem lies in the word “exactly. The second reason why the Astonishing Hypothesis seems so strange is the nature of consciousness. It’s just as much of a mistake to say that all scientific research is worth while, and that anything done in the pursuit of the research is acceptable. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.