David’s Story has ratings and 19 reviews. Melissa said: I read this book for a class, and I can say it’s definitely not an easy read. However, as I b. David’s Story (Women Writing Africa) [Zoë Wicomb, Dorothy Driver] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The publication of You Can’t. As richly imagined and stylistically innovative as Wicomb’s debut work,David’s Story is a mesmerizing novel, multilayered and multivoiced, at times elegiac, wry, .

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Dulcie is perhaps the strongest and most self assured character in the novel, but must compromise her own identity in order to exhibit her strengths through the movement. In other words, the novel contends that, in part at least, the symbolic differentiation of the female body provided the ideological foundation for the imperial adventure in Africa. There, he learns more about his Griqua ancestor Andrew le Fleur, who, seeing his land taken over by davld farmers, led stody rebellion, was imprisoned by the British, and then, once free, led the Griquas west into the desert.

Project MUSE – David’s Story

Jun 06, Andrew rated it did not like it Shelves: It’s such a complicated postmodern novel that I just can’t give this book a rating. Dozens of groups are staking their claim, including the Griquas.

Yet, through the muddle of confusing stories, perspectives, there is one truth that remains constant in this story. This relationship not only sory the other promiscuous love triangles that I have mentioned, but also extends the theme of bastardy to the production of the novel itself.

Seemingly, then, it should be possible to write a story that is not always already yet another version of the somewhat bathetic tragedy of blood. Just as freedom is not the anaemic thing for us that it is stkry nice, clean liberals, so violence, too, is not a streaming sheet of blood or gore.

He encounters a vocabulary in which somatic features serve as material signifiers ztory a primitive concupiscence and therefore of the inherent racial difference between black and white.

Be the first to discover new talent! Since then she has written a novel which really wrestles with issues of identity, race, ethnicity, representation, feminism, and love. Africa and the difficulties of racial differences and identity.

The individuals dissatisfaction was felt but the message and motive of their action was reinterpreted by those at the top.



Again the issues of whether or not the non-dominant voices can be heard is addressed. Not for commercial use or unauthorized distribution.

The story is both engaging and insightful. The strong suggestion of biological determinism, here, would appear to indicate that the novel ultimately acknowledges its implication in the poetics of blood which it so assiduously deconstructs. I don’t know what I expected of this book, but it was so much complex and wonderfully written than I thought it was going to be.

The premise of this book is quite interested and engaging–specifically the role of the guerrilla movement Another book that I had higher expectations for and was a bit disappointed with.

This shows that the subaltern then can not speak in this manner or at least not fully articulate what they have to say in such an organized and regimented form.

The Post-Colonial Studies Reader. Her new work, an epic retelling of the settlement of South Africa’s Griqualand, will bring her into the spotlight Kunapipi, Volume 24, Issues Snippet view – Interestingly not rape though, because as her attackers say “that will teach her nothing, leave nothing”. But David soon learns that he is on a hit list, and, caught in a web of betrayal and surveillance, he is forced to rethink his role in the struggle for “nonracial democracy,” the loyalty of his “comrades,” and his own davld of freedom.

David’s Story

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The movement towards liberation is enabled by the women of the novel, but at the same time show signs of the inescapable oppression and eventual backlash. She attempts to wicobm the opposition that provided the scientific foundation for the thesis that there is an davidd difference between the races. Buy This Book in Print. She elaborates by stating that “her own little secret has come to stand for something else, something to do with a world blown up, enlarged so that comrades huddle like startled animals in unfamiliar groups.

However, what we have in this fusion of corporeal and lin- guistic images, is the use of hybridity as a metaphor for linguistic slippage — for promiscuous signs that cannot be pinned to a reference. The one constant throughout the novel are the women and their struggle to find their voice. Help Center Find new research papers in: It is only when success seems likely that the individuals question who is going to benefit from their efforts.

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This book was painful to read. However at this time many come together whose views are quite different and become uniformly defined to promote the greater good. However, I dzvid give it a 3 stars-rating since I’m still undecided and had to pick a rating. The Van Riebeeck Society,pp. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The publisher’s latest entry in the Women Writing Africa series: Finally, I contend that Wicomb responds to this question by con- sidering the impossibility of representing the body in the absence zooe dis- course. This does make for a difficult narrative, floating in the air, jumping from one time period to another, jumping from one consciousness to another and altogether not wico,b too much with interpunction or a logical division of different paragraphs.

It was very, very hard to make sense of this book. Dulcie’s elusiveness is a statement of the elusiveness of the double victim of colonialism and patriarchy.

Literary Encyclopedia | David’s Story

Alice rated it liked it Jun 28, They choose to become aligned with one another. It’s a postmodern text in that it is very conscious of its own construction, issues of telling the truth and of personal perspectives, etc. The novel refuses to represent her and split her into clearly definable and divisible categories.

It quickly becomes corrupt, but provides hope that their is certainly the potential for speech if the oppressed is assured that their speech will be heard by an audience willing to listen. David, a dedicated freedom fighter still working for the African National Congress, decides to visit Kokstad in East Griqualand to research his family.

Playing in the Light, her third novel, released incovers similar terrain conceptually, though this time set in contemporary South Africa and centering around a white woman who learns that her parents were actually coloured.

All in all, not an easy book to read and a challenge. But David finds that the Struggle is not over: At times though David questions her ability as an outsider to understand what he is trying to express.

It does not belong to this line, in that it cannot be contained and determined by the aesthetic of Downloaded from http: