I have read there is no really clean way to convert them but at this point I need what ever I can get. We were part a group of companies that ran. They tried to convert to AC, which was why I was hired. I was told that the soft plan file is in 2-d and it is in DWG format. i tried to open the file. PDF convert to DWG into softplan SPD. anyone know how to convert a PDF to a DWG so we can import into softplan and what about SCALE? need this because .

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Softplan By cmvdesigns in forum Revit Architecture – General. It can be very time consuming. The point is, find out exactly what the problem is and try to address the problem. Don’t have to upgrade constantly if you’re happy with the features in the version you purchased and no yearly fees. Bill is the owner and maintainer of SoftPlanTuts. Easy of use and professional. Documentation Webinars Live Online. You get the opposite problem – everything is in illogically nested blocks.

Designing and drawing can be done smoothly and there isn’t much lag problem either.

SoftPlan to Dwg conversion

Adding 2nd Floor system. For professionals this software convrrt really helpful. I assume that the colors selected for the layers will determine the pens that are used by AutoCad?

It had a lot of complexities to turn into PDF.

SoftPlan by SoftPlan Systems. I’ve used this product for years designing homes and remodels. Covert most highly recommended application. Designing and drawing can be done smoothly and there isn’t much lag problem either Cons: Softplaj B “You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep-seated need to believe.


It helps us present data-rich designs quickly and efficiently, without any concerns. Maybe the left hand end of the building has been moved several feet off of the building. Customer support is not good. SoftPlan to Dwg conversion. Able to completely create house building plans ready to submit to City.

PDF convert to DWG into softplan SPD

If you have a technical question, please find the appropriate forum and ask it there. Without any more information than you provided I have no place to start.

Learning curve was too long Expensive updates needed on a regular basis Difficulty in doing certain things Overall: When you find a solution, let me know. You would need to create a.

Not very easy to use for small commercial. SoftPlan Reviews Recently Reviewed! Overall very happy with the software. AND, they may have, Dim lines, text, doors and counters on one layer. Or the whole floor plan has move right into the center of the title.

Hello, We are getting drawings sent to us from another design firm and they do all their work in Softplan. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Has anyone successfully reset all the too to make the transition from SP to AutoCad as seamless as possible? I was hoping to find someone who has already crossed this bridge who could convfrt me that it could be done without any issues. Can make floorplans quickly. Perhaps selecting a different layer naming option from the Export Options would give him what he wants.


Foundation | Welcome

It could be something as simple as he doesn’t like your line colors and he doesn’t know how to change them. The problem may be that he uses special add-on programs in AutoCAD that require him to redraw the plans to t the exact format he needs.

Thanks, I remembered what to. Software runs fast on a basic desktop computer. Home Architecture Software SoftPlan.

It’s a great program with a great outcome. Clients like to see basic layouts when I submit bids.

You said that it is only this one person who has a problem with the exported files so finding out what he has a problem with is the first step.

View full list of Architecture Software. Results 1 to 4 of 4.

AutoCAD Working w/ Softplan

About SoftPlan Designed for residential and light commercial construction industry. Design a 3D project is very difficult for beginners like me. Fast, smart and easy to use, the only snag is that demo version does not allow you the real feel like Archicad!

Not Likely Extremely Likely. Easy to copy one plan’s notes to the next.

Great tool to design commercial and residential projects. Ability to draw my own plans in a time frame that fit my needs without waiting for others to do the drawings. I have to go through and select each item and move them to the right layer.