The song Rosalina was written by Fabio Concato and was first released by Fabio Concato in It was covered by Massimo Ranieri. Watch the video for Rosalina from Fabio Concato’s Scomporre E Ricomporre for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Fabio Concato Rosalina lyrics: Rosalina, Rosalina / tutto il giorno in bicicletta / fino a sera, a sera.

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Original versions of Rosalina written by Fabio Concato | SecondHandSongs

Rosalina, Rosalina Tutto il giorno in bicicletta Fino a sera, sera Chissa’ I polpacci, poveretta Fino a sera, sera Chissa’ che piedi gonfi avrai. Add links, pictures and videos to make your explanation more appealing. Amore mio ti voglio bene come sei Sei eccitante al punto che ti sposerei Novanta chili di libidine e bonta’ E poi vedrai, un po’ di moto ti aiutera’.


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Ask us or our community about the part of the song that interests you We will try to respond as soon as possible. Fabio Concato — Rosalina lyrics. More Fabio Concato lyrics. To explain lyrics, select line or word and click “Explain”. Post my meaning Write my explanation new To explain lyrics, select line or word and click “Explain”. Mia madre dice che col tempo dimagrirai Ma non importa amore non cambiare mai Hai fatto caso, che le megre sono tristi Invece tu hai sempre volgia di cantare.


Rosalina, Rosalina La mia bella farfallina Che pedala e canta Canta finche’ muore il sole E quando e’ sera, sera Ti sento masticare E quando e’ sera, sera T’ammazzi con I bignet. Keep posting annotations and earn respect from LyricsMode community.

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