Comments. I searched Wikipedia to find information on blood type diets because I read about which you can read here: % 20Diets% Blood group B is, according to D’Adamo, the nomad, associated with a strong immune system and a flexible digestive system. technology have helped rebuild and normalize the bodily systems so they can function (internet search: “Biotype Diets ”). Generally. Characterizing Neurotrophic Systems in the Primate Amygdala That are Relevant to Reward Learning Capacity in Binge Eating Disorder.

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Where is this quotation from? There is a lot of technical discussion from the advocates’ perspective to provide background, but not so much specific critical response. This next one is just dead wrong. A lot of the issue of how much evidence is needed before one can start making recommendations related to and based upon that evidence is encapsulated in opinion and the degree to which a scientist is willing to “stick out his neck,” so to speak. One of the main writers obviously has an agenda and camps out here on a personal crusade.

Yes, there are other individuals doing similar research.

Again, sexual stereotyping, perhaps subtle but definitely there. As someone who has studied the blood type diet hypothesis extensively, I take immediate issue with your claim that “blood hiotype diet is not at all founded in solid theory.

Talk:Blood type diet/Archive 1 – Wikipedia

I agree some of the criticisms may be irrelevant, but the key criticisms no evidence of efficacy beyond testimonials, ysstem implausibility of the theoretical underpinnings continue to be fatally valid, and have never been refuted by your “responses”.

If you actually read any of the articles to which you have linked, you would realise that a scientific consensus on the blood type diet hypothesis is currently impossible, as there has not yet been widespread “communication at conferences, the publication process, replication reproducible results by others and peer review,” and therefore the WP: This page was last edited on 15 Februaryat sysfem Furthermore, the man advertises himself as a Doctor he is NOT an MD and tells you how you can become a patient in one of his clinics.


However, there are randomized, scientific studies to support balanced, low-carbohydrate diets, with a recent article published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

You can believe in it if you want, but if you choose to believe in it, do your friends aystem family a favor and don’t try and covert everyone around you. In fact, research shows that lectins which are specific for a particular ABO type are not found in foods except for one or two rare exceptions, e. One can say that when Homo erectus left Africa they were practicing a nomadic subsistence strategy.

Talk:Blood type diet/Archive 1

The Eat Right for Your Type diet encourages people to particular foods and avoid others based on their blood type — A, B, AB, and O, based on the belief that different blood types affect the digestive system differently, and that while some foods might be beneficial to one individual can be dangerous for another.

Type O is universal, whereas type A is predominant from the fertile cresent radiating outward in decreasing amounts. Second, anyone with a basic knowledge of human evolution, the development biotypd complex societies, and archaeology would immediately know that Dr. People who practice pastoralism first developed lactose tolerance.

This significantly biases the article in favor of D’Adamo despite significant valid criticisms of the diet. Do not edit the contents of this page. The citations lack depth. They go through just as much education as GP’s and are definitely not snake oil-advocating shamans.

Unfortunately, this topic is another example of a comparatively “new” theory being shouted down by members of the academic establishment who have a vested interest in preserving the conventional wisdom on which they have based their life’s work.


Viets happy you dont jnej worth the trouble right now. I agree that the references to critics in the first paragraph do not prove a consensus and should be replaced by some solid print sources. The section jnm that type A may be the oldest is not logical for the following reasons.

Retrieved from ” https: It’s a matter of using the best available classes of sources for the article and then eliminating the lesser-class sources. If anyone thinks so then please add the relevant template. Wikipedia is a forum for encyclopedic reporting of reality as we as a human species collectively know it, not as a place to grandstand about particular views and political positions amongst the various schools of medicine.

There are better ways to phrase it.

The diet recommends that this blood group eat a higher protein diet. I wanted to add more onto this page In Dr. Addition to O diet It is characterized by a digestive tract that retains the dietary memory of ancient times.

Everyone is welcome to continue this discussion at Crackhead Awards. The article makes an inaccurate statement there, there are Israeli scientific studies that do support Elderberry as having anti-flu properties.

D’Adamo bases this on the belief that O blood type was the first blood type, originating 30, years ago. They aren’t like you. Second, nomadism as a lifestyle is actually a lot older than the agriculturally lifestyle. Diet has two books due sometime in All that the quoted nutritionist really has to say is that she doesn’t know of any “science” supporting the diet.