Before Old Yeller or Where the Red Fern Grows, there was Big Red, the classic boy-and-dog story of adventure and friendship in the wild mountains of. "Big Red" was a champion Irish setter; Danny was a young trapper who knew more about the ways of varmints and hounds than of the world of. Buy a cheap copy of Big Red book by Jim Kjelgaard. “Big Red” was a champion Irish setter; Danny a young trapper who knew more about the ways of varmints.

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Bears feel the wrath and hounds will be missed. Kjelgaard, Jim James Arthur. His books were primarily about dogs and wild animals, often with animal protagonists and told from the animal’s point of view. Want to Read saving…. Oct 11, A rated it it was amazing Shelves: May 13, Rebecca McNutt rated it it was amazing. These were love stories I could relate to and understand. Picking it up again 20 years, and many books later, I find that I still really enjoyed the story.

If the book has page numbers, please include the page number; otherwise please include a significant text string to help us to locate the error.

We can turn off lights and air conditioners, we can reuse and recycle. Account Options Sign in. Incorrect publication date 3 24 Feb 06, I loved Red, and really liked Danny and his father. How many chapters are in this book? An ode to a life well lived and intrinsic in that is a life lived with love, perhaps above all, the love of a dog.

Nov 14, Richard rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Haggins owns a large estate, and raises cattle and sheep, and keeps a stable of horses, First published seventy-three years and twenty-six days ago, this story is based in the Wintapi Forest, in the eastern part of the United States, a three-hour drive to New York City.


Other than that, this will be one I highly recommend to boys looking for hunting and adventure stories. Feb 24, James Vachowski rated it it was amazing Shelves: But we also must actually LOVE this world in order to save it.

Big Red (Big Red #1)

Sep 02, Kjelggaard GoatKeeper rated it liked it Shelves: The best summary of this last sentiment was given by. Then red meets a girl dog but red has to fight off a bear. His eyes shine with intelligence and he has spunk, too.

Jim Kjelgaard committed suicide inafter suffering for several years from chronic pain and depression. People Get hurt and feelings get hurt also. Red is a show dog, so has a fancy name, but Danny doesn’t much cotton to such fanciness. Of course, thanks to this book and all those Drama in Real Life Reader’s Digest stories about grizzly bear attacks, I am absolutely terrified of bears!

Nov 12, Laura Verret rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved all of Jim Kjelgaards books and highly encourage anyone to read them. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Kjelgaard nailed the lingo of the poor, county folk and weaves a tale of a boy and his dog that no reader kjlgaard ever forget.

Please try again later. Haggin, his owner, trusts “Red’s” care and trainin This book has a copyright of mine is a 4th printing dated and was written back when “Scholastic Books” had some real substance instead of the silly stuff I see now when I go to the Book Fairs at my rsd schools. Haggin gives Danny Big Red and then Danny finds a mate for Big Red so he can raise pups and then he can sell them for lots of money.

Big Red (Big Red, #1) by Jim Kjelgaard

Fast and smart, strong and noble, Red is the only dog Danny wants by his side. They solve their differences with ree for each other.

Jan 17, Jerry rated it really liked it Shelves: Limit the size to characters. The book was written by Jim Kjelgaard inso the reader must picture a time when life was a little simpler.


That dog ged Mr. But the woods are not their test. I cared instead about these men and their dogs, because despite the lack of women, or maybe because of it, these stories were unreservedly love stories of men in love with their dogs, and whose dogs love them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If you think we might need to communicate with you, please include your email address. Well, the first one seemed “sort-of” ok, but then someone who had called before I had showed up and snagged the dog.

Many thanks, once again, to the Public Library system, and the many Librarians that manage, organize and keep it running, for the loan of this book! Haggins, a rwd and kindly neighbor. None of us are consistent. Please be clear in hig message, if you are referring to the information found on this web page; or the contents of the book. Ahtram Legacy, named Colleen. Dave Drakula, writing in Jim Kjelgaard — From the Bigwoods to Hollywood, recounted a time when Kjelgaard and his brother Henry were outside playing when Kjelgaard spotted a bear.


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This is where young Danny, who is seventeen as this story begins, first sees Big Red. Kjelgaard was the fourth oldest. In the first quarter we had to choose a book, I chose this one, the lexile level is As a child, Kjelgaard read all the books he could find.