Clinical Pathway: Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) Repair. Notes: (1) This pathway is a general guideline and variations can occur based on professional judgment. ASKEP PADA EMBOLI PARU. ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN PADA ANAK DENGAN TETRALOGI FALLOT · Farida A. Soetedjo Bag. Ilmu Penyakit Dalam FK. askep anemia pada anak pdf printer. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, 20 am. Looking for askep anemia pada anak pdf printer. Will be grateful for any.

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Anxiety related to sensation of suffocation and fear. Tentang proyek SlidePlayer Syarat penggunaan. Evaluation Evaluate effectiveness of drug therapy by confirming that the patient goals and expected outcomes have been met. Pulmonary infarction is an uncommon consequence because of the bronchial arterial collateral circulation.

You place the patient on 2L nasal cannula. Diterbitkan oleh Yanti Yenny Hermanto Telah diubah “3 tahun yang lalu. Assess skin color and temperature. This allows rest periods. Usia 4 tahun Sianosis sentral1. Ineffective tissue perfusion related to decreased cardiac muscle contractility.


Ppt – Tetralogy of Fallot

Note the decrease in pulse Check capillary refill. Apakah anak mengalami kesulitan makan atau tidak?

Flalot be grateful for any help! Tidak ada edema dan hepatomegali menandakan belum terjadi decompensatio cordis kanan. Tombol yang haris diklik terletak di bawah posting ini.

askep anemia pada anak pdf printer – PDF Files

Smaller thrombi typically travel more distally, occluding smaller vessels in the lung periphery. Factor V Leiden mutation causing resistance to activated protein C is the most common risk factor. Cough with Frothy, blood-tinged sputum. Apakah anak sering berkeringat?

Primary or acquired deficiencies in protein C, protein S, and antithrombin III are other risk factors. Sudden onset of dyspnea. Tanggapan Pengaturan dan alat privasi Tanggapan. Fri Sep 25, 8: Use upright, high Fowler’s position whenever possible. Arterial hypoxemia is a frequent, but not universal, finding in patients with acute embolism.

Apakah saat hamil Ibu mengalami infeksi atau terpajan radiasi? Assess fluid balance and weight gain. Assist patient with ADLs as needed to conserve energy and avoid overexertion. Emotional stress increases cardiac demands. Cor pulmonal dapat bersifat akut akibat emboli paru yang pasif, dapat juga kronis.


Apakah sesak disertai batuk? The patient states she does not wear any oxygen at home. Anxiety related to change in health status.


Administer medications as prescribed. No registered users and 9 guests. Anemia dapat diklasifikasikan berdasarkan morfologi atau berdasarkan klasifikasi kinetik.

Assess for changes in orientation and behavior. Management of Tetralogy of Fallot Documents.