Apollo Security’s Access Control and Alarm Monitoring System (APACS) is provided by Apollo Security Systems in the United States and it is. , the complete industry guide – Find Apollo APACS or any electronic security product from the extensive products in the database. The Apollo APACS, Windows based alarm/access man- agement system provides an easy and user friendly envi- ronment for operating and processing of .

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Apollo Security introduces its new integration software

APACS comprises the basis for a flexible and robust system that meets the needs of systems ranging from perimeter systems up to fully integrated enterprise-level installations. If after trying the correct format cards are still not being read properly, it will be necessary to obtain the exact encoding format parameters and contact your Apollo Support Representative for assistance on using the format. Additional information may be necessary if the card format is incorrect.

Installation — Windows XP 5 2.

Abuse of card policies can be prevented by flexible anti-passback rules that prevent multiple users gaining access with a single card. This is an excellent way for end-users to continue receiving benefits from the investments that they made into video systems years ago, as well as strong leverage in negotiations for system expansion, as they are no longer locked into a single vendor.

Also check with Hardware Status Alarm Mode is the module that actually communicates with hardware, so it should be launched to test aplllo configuration. Define the access level by naming it and then assigning a reader to it paired with a time zone.


Simply swiping the card will show the facility code in the Access Denied message. This can be due to several problems: Most existing video installations can remain in place or even be expanded using different brands, and still the management of the entire system apacx unchanged: Systems Industries Support Services.

Then you have to configure the software, the hardware, etc. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Easy and powerful custom reports as well as pre-configured reports allow quick access to historical data. The first element that must be added to configuration is the PC. Failure of guard tours can be programmed to automatically notify supervisors or sound system alarms.

Please contact us by e-mail or phone for more information Milestone: After Network communication is selected, Communication Settings will become available so that the IP address can be entered.

More Apollo Security Sales Access control software. The unique ability of supporting 10 major video brands simultaneously in the same system benefits large corporate clients that are trying to unify their business systems after mergers and acquisitions.

Wiegand wires are reversed, or Wiegand ground is not connected especially if reader is powered from separate source. Location of cardholder can be monitored live as they move between areas and areas apac be locked for safety or security reasons. Also, issuing a One Pass command from the reader control menu and listening for the relay on the reader interface to change state will verify that there is proper operation. Read all documents sent from Avatel concerning install.


A full featured badge design editor allows multiple graphic layouts for user badges with easy dual side printing and card encoding. Compare your configuration screen with the one above. Other features include interbase or MS SQL database management system, single or mult-user applications, work stations, unrestricted number of controllers, readers and alarm panels, modular apaacs, multicard formats, access levels, elevator control, duress and database conversion. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

Apollo Security Access Control – APACS Universal Video Interface

The card can also be rejected locally if it an incorrect standards e. Gallagher Command Centre v8. If the power supply is rated high enough, the same one can be used for all devices.

APACS also supports legacy Apollo hardware for smooth upgrade transitions or migrations from other software packages.

Mustering features for hazardous and safe area control to easily manage evacuation during emergency situations.

Apollo Security Access Control – APACS — Access Control & Alarm Monitoring Software

Looking for our US Edition? Cardholder images and personal information are taken directly from the database for inclusion on the printed badge. Supports all versions of DigitalSentry video recorder software. Security software Integration software.

Reader apol,o in locked mode that is default state until you perform “Normalize” command for the first time. We will need a 12V power supply that has at least 1 Amp of current available.