Before I started reading Andrew Holleran’s Dancer from the Dance, I felt protective of it. Its reputation made me feel that it was my duty to read it. Buy Dancer from the Dance Reprint by Andrew Holleran (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Dancer from the Dance: A Novel [Andrew Holleran] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the most important works of gay literature, this.

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After leaving his lover who beats him up, Malone hides out in another area of the city. The friend you danced with, when you had no lover, was the most important person in your life… Shortly after moving to New York, Malone falls for the volatile Frankie, a married subway employee from Bayonne, N.

And it is why I have to say that “one of the most important works of gay literature”will always remain one of the biggest unsolved riddles for me. I waffled between liking it and appreciating it as I was reading it. God, was that steaming, loathsome city beautiful!!! And it is why I have to say that “one of the most important ffom of gay l “Yes, that is all that’s left when love has gone.

Brilliant; I feel like such an atypical and dissatisfied queer after this read.

I’d heard about this book forever and finally got around to reading it. Holleran’s characters — some outrageously Andrew Holleran’s groundbreaking novel is a lyrical, funny and elegiac book about a certain segment of gay life in mid-to-late 70s New York City.

It’s more of a snapshot of their lives dabce the thoughts and feelings that go with them.

Dancer from the Dance by Andrew Holleran

There are quaaludes, water sports, and Everard, but there’s a certain self-aware combination of pride and shame that accompanies all stories told about the 70s that is very much present in this book. First the blurb on the book I read did not reference the story I read, at least in the hilarious reference. Mar dzncer, Dana rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is very well written. This novel is probably my favorite American novel from the post-war period.


Sutherland is particularly charming, even though he luxuriates in a casual racism, couched conveniently in playful imperiousness, that is indicative of his superior breeding: So, it was this context that colored my reading of the novel. Thereafter, he becomes incredibly enamoured with a Puerto Rican man; however, their relationship sours and they become enemies.

Most importantly of all though, this book has no hope; no resolution; no silver lining. Not everyone is like that; and while it is undoubtedly true for for many who lived in that era, it is no longer true now.

The story places Malone and Sutherland in gay adrew, at Fire Island dance parties, in the parks and tenements, and other places as they seek physical beauty.

It made me danc being ahdrew and while I came of age in the mid 80s and 90s. Aug 09, Koen rated it liked it. A section of the final verse goes like this: Dancer follows a young man, Malone, through his years in the city. It would be a part that involved sex or drugs and he would edit around it so he wouldn’t get fired, but with a nod and wink that still let you know which naughty bits were being PG’d out so we’d still understand.

They were tired of living a life of fear, embarrassment, anger, and shame. Amdrew are all alone. He lost all direction and let the group move him through life, or at least Sutherland. Preview — Dancer from the Dance by Andrew Holleran.

Dancer from the Dance

Love, love will tear us apart again and so sung Joy Divison and in this novel Malone is ripped to pieces. Dancer from the Dance, like most contemporaneous works that can be deemed gay, concerns the existential crisis of being homosexual.


But again, context is important. This is no scathing critique, however.

Sometimes characters are tracked closely using more traditional omniscient narrative techniques. The writing is unique and effective. Beautiful writing and some of it is really funny and witty. It’s frustating but the book is about frustration. It’s a beautiful work of fiction about two best friends living the only life they know. I would give it fifty stars if I could. Works by Andrew Holleran. Jan adnce, Mark rated it liked it.

Set in the ‘s Manhattan, Dance From The Dance is a rueful testament of the times in the post-Stonewall gay community. Articles lacking in-text citations from June All articles lacking in-text citations Thw to import images to Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September All stub articles. None of all the bonds between homosexual friends, now was greater than that between the friends who danced together.

Malone is always searching for meaning in his life, and so he gives up one life to start a new one, one dedicated to a singular purpose: A time before AIDS started wiping people out at an alarming rate.

Written just before the AIDS nightmare became reality. Even the people facing starvation must have some hope, when they see the signs of rain approaching. I’m glad I finished it, but I have to admit- unfortunately- that I didn’t completely get it. The person he finds is Sutherland, a ohlleran quintessential queen — and one of the most memorable literary creations of contemporary fiction.