In A Horse and Two Goats by R.K. Narayan we have the theme of confusion, tradition, culture, identity, arrogance and conflict. Narrated in the. A Horse and Two Goats. R. K. Narayan Author Biography. NewDay USA VA Refinance – Save Thousands Per Year. Refinance up to % of your home. A HORSE AND TWO GOATSby R. K. Narayan, “A Horse and Two Goats,” by R. K. Narayan appeared, in a somewhat different form, in The New Yorker in.

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At first, most of his stories were rejected. He’s a sterotype as well, old, poor and uneducated, but full of wisdom and spirutuality.

When he started out, she would put in his hand a bby lunch, once again the same millet cooked into a little ball, which he could swallow with a raw onion at midday. Hardcoverpages. Muni is poor, rural, uneducated, Hindu, brown; the American is wealthy, urban, ywo, probably Judeo-Christian, white. This marayan be important as Narayan may be highlighting the differences between the culture of Muni and the American.

Like many poor and struggling people, he fears authority figures, and so he fears the American who steps out of a strange car wearing khaki clothes. No trivia or quizzes yet. The next year, women won the right to inherit property from their fathers on equal terms with their brothers. I’m not really sure what just happened. The Indian though is quite sad.

This is a formula Narayan uses frequently, and always with consummate skill. Where the Amercian only thinks about buying the horse and the Indian caring about his community, about ledgends and wellfare. Much of this is conveyed through the wonderful double discourse that makes up a significant part of the story, with each of the characters happily developing his own hermetically sealed interpretation of the other’s words and gestures.


As the American is wearing Khaki shorts Muni assumes that he is a police man making inquiries into a murder that has occurred in the village. Harman Publishing House,pp. He and his wife have almost no income and no children to help take care of them. Muni and his wife have not always been so poor.

Short Story Analysis: A Horse and Two Goats by R.K. Narayan – The Sitting Bee

But by writing in English, he was choosing to write for an. In keeping with his usual narrative formula, Narayan carefully follows Muni as he goes about his daily, frequently humiliating existence—eating his meager breakfast, visiting the local shopkeeper in narahan typically unsuccessful attempt to get a yoats items of food on credit, and then taking his two scraggy goats to graze near the foot of the horse statute at the edge of the village.

It was first published in its present form in the collection A Horse and Two Goats and was q included in Under the Banyan Treea selection of Narayan’s stories to Although they have little in common, the most important way in which Muni and the American differ is in their respective level of wealth.

Through all the confusion Muni without knowing it has outwitted the American. Nwrayan the narrator simply not interested in her diet, or does she skip the morning meal to leave more for Muni? Ramana, in a short section of his Message in Design: Narayan is irreplaceable when it comes to short story-telling. The great Indian epics, composed approximately two thousand years ago, contain stories of several important female characters, including two that Muni mentions: He has been honored for his work in India, in Great Britainand in the United Stateswhere he has been made an honorary member of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters.


Jun 25, Manoj Pillai rated it it was amazing.

A Horse and Two Goats: Stories

The humour and the irony of this tale lies in the total benign incomprehension that exists between. Once jorse sees the statue of the horse, he must own it for his living room, with no thought for what the statue might mean or who might value it.

It is an item that he can brag to his friends about and tell them how cheaply he managed to purchase the horse for. The two talk back and forth, each about his own life. ByEuropeans were also competing for control of Indian trade. The real question is what would Muni do without his wife if she were summoned by God? With Indian qnd inwomen became full citizens for the first time and acquired property rights and the right to vote.

Muni learned most of his lore from other men, including the story behind the statue: India, a secular state populated mainly by Hindus, and Pakistan, a Muslim state.

Gkats the man tries to talk with him about the statue, Muni babbles on about a recent murder and the end of the world. The humor and the irony of this tale lies goqts the total, benign incomprehension that exists between the two, not only in the way neither understands the other’s language but also in the absolute contrast of their cultural and economic backgrounds, emphasized by the way in which each values the clay horse. Bu this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

Yuvi rated it really liked it Apr 06, But Narayan has a reason for introducing her.